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Our Mission

O-WOW educates, empowers, and elevate girls and women as they heal from sexual trauma, intimate partner violence, and the inception of brokenness and shame. We do this through helping survivors rediscover, reclaim, and amplify their voices through poetry, storytelling, and a community healing space where they will have the opportunity to have ownership over their freed selves.

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Healing is not a scheduled trip you can just pack an overnight bag for, it takes time and offers a moment to rest. At O-WOW, we:

  • Use structured training curriculums and individual or group workshops to reduce feelings of shame, guilt, and self-blame while encouraging a process of healing and empowerment where silence no longer exists. 

  • Use an empowerment approach to provide psychoeducation around the impacts of sexual trauma and intimate partner violence on functioning.

  • Empower survivors to use their voice to tell their stories and support others as they share their truth.

  • Build community awareness and promote a culture shift around violence against women and girls by raising awareness of adolescents, from early to late stage, about sexual and dating violence, consent, intimate partner violence, healthy relationships, and emotional regulation to support communication.

  • Build a foundation on faith based biblical scriptures to support healing.